Nook HD+

I just got a hold of Nook HD+ for a few days now. I think most people already know what it is. If you don’t know what it is, google it. I’m not doing unboxing either. I’m sure there are other that already doing that, if not already done so. This is basically a tidy up of what my first impression of it, some of the things are what other have missed. Also, The images are to illustrate how to skip OOBE(Out Of Box Experience) on this Nook HD+ unit, and maybe the same for HD unit as well.

(image 01)
This is what you will see when it’s power OFF.

(image 02)
This is what you will see turning it ON.

(image 03)On power off stage, holding the Home button(that lower case “n”) and power button then release them when you see the word “nook” appear on the middle of the screen(image 02), and you will get this Factory Reset screen.

(image 04)
Factory Reset confirmation page.

(image 05)
If you did the factory reset, you will see this “nook” screen with the status bar underneath it.

(image 06)
More status percentage page.

(image 07)
Welcome Screen, this is what you would normally see the first time you boot or after factory reset.

(image 08)
At welcome screen(image 07), if you hold down the volume up button(top-RIGHT) and hit the bottom-RIGHT of the touchscreen(yes the actual screen, white portion), then you can go into Factory Setting page.

(image 09)
Alternatively at the welcome screen (image 07), you can choose to hold down volume-down(top-LEFT) and hit the bottom-LEFT of the touchscreen(yes the actual screen, white portion), to enable ADB.  Let me make it clear, I have no idea what it will do, since I have not get the ADB to work yet.  It has been a pain for me.  Maybe somebody else will make a guide for this.

(image 10)
You can do both on the same screen.

(image 11)
hitting the “Factory” on-screen button as shown on image 08 or 10 will get you some juicy info.  If you gonna ask if all of the image are docked, then yes.  But of course I did so to remove the device specific information, I’m not that nut.

(image 12)
Skip OOBE, while on the factory setting page(image 11), holding down the volume up button(top-RIGHT) and hit the bottom-RIGHT of the touchscreen(yes the actual screen, white portion) like you did to reveal “Factory” button, you can now see the “Skip Oobe” button.  This will get you into Test mode and play around with it w/o having to register first.  Beware, once you skip the OOBE, it stay in that mode.  It will survive soft and hard reboot until you re-do factory reset.

(image 13)
After hitting that “Skip Oobe” button, this is what’s next.

(image 14)
Cold-reboot doesn’t get rid of “Skip OOBE” mode, it stay until factory reset.

Now, on a side note, I think the Nook HD+ feel very good in hand.  Although it doesn’t feel very solid like some other device, but it doesn’t feel cheap either.  When holding it, you can feel the sense of design putting into this.  With that said, I can also feel the sense of rough design on this as well.  For example, the front trim, it feel like it’s another piece that glue to the front.  You can feel it like you can just rip that out.  The glass screen on the front you can see the edge of the glass looking from the angle.  I suppose who ever design it wanna cut the weight to the limit.  Seeing the edge of the glass isn’t very appealing.  Also I don’t know what type of the screen it is, but when the screen is turn off or have dark static background, I can see array of dot arranged in the matrix when looking from certain angle.  The buttons layout isn’t the best in my personal opinion, but that could be just a matter personal taste.  I don’t mind the power button, it could be right or top, but I think volume rocker is better off on the side.  The home button may need to get used to if coming from other non-nook device.  I think it does a decent job as a movie playing and book reading device, I think the form factor are good for both, and of course the screen resolution justify it.  I think if you plan to use the tablet for gaming or use camera in anyway, that’s taking picture or video calling this is just not for you.  But for other normal task I think it will do just fine.


2 responses to “Nook HD+

  1. My I suggest an addition to step 4, Factory Reset confirmation page. This page will ask you to “Push the on button to Cancel” or “Push the n to Continue”. Meaning to continue with the factor reset.

  2. I want to thank you for posting this. I was on the phone for over an hour with a technician trying to reset this HD+ with no luck, A person from Amazon suggest your posting and Whaa- laa just like magic it is now working. So I thank you very much. Have a Blissful New Year.

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